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Coping with Allergies in the Home !!

Whether you hide out in your house, allergies will always find you. Allergies present a number of health problems for people, including respiratory issues, itchiness, watery eyes, and general discomfort. When you couple some budding flowers with a good “spring cleaning”, you end up having a recipe for allergy disaster.
When allergy season is around the corner, make sure that you have plenty of antihistamines on hand, especially if you have children who suffer from allergies. If you find that you are suffering more at a particular time of year (i.e. spring), go to your doctor and get an allergy test. That way, you can determine which pollens are most likely to cause an allergic reaction.
If you would like to get a pet, but are allergic to some types of fur, consider getting a hypoallergenic dog or cat. There are several breeds of both animal that can be tolerated by people who suffer from allergies. That way, you’ll get all of the love from your pet and none of the symptoms!
When cleaning, always be conscious of any dust, mold, or mildew. Many people have allergies to one or more of these things, so it is important to be cautious, especially in basement areas. Mold and mildew tend to live in damp environments, while dust can be prominent in any area of the house.
If you know that you are prone to allergies, make sure that you are prepared to deal with them. They might sneak up on you sooner or later.

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