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Renovation Permits  !!

If you are choosing to renovate your home, a building permit will be required. This ensures that the home is up to code with any safety regulations, such as health and structural requirements. It is also required to ensure that they are within any municipal regulations, including zoning and heritage property determinations.
When applying for a permit, it’s important to consider the work on the home itself. If there are to be any changes on the building itself, including additions or major changes that could potentially compromise the original structure of the house, a permit must be obtained. If changes are needed for the plumbing or electrical systems, separate permits may be required. Any of the more minor changes, such as painting or shingling, do not require a permit.
You will need to inform the municipality of the type of work that will be done. If it is a larger project, such as a deck or additional wing, you may be asked to present the municipality with detailed drawings or plans. Typically, the city will review the application for a 24 hour period before reaching a decision as to whether or not the permit will be granted.
In the case that it is NOT granted, you may be requested to not move forward with the specific work on the home. This will largely depend on any restrictions that the municipality may have on structural changes to each specific zone. If someone moves forward on renovation without a permit, the city can issue a “stop work” order.
It is the homeowner’s responsibility to obtain a permit to renovate their home. The renovator or renovating crew are not in charge of having to obtain a permit on behalf of the homeowner. This not only protects the crew from any misunderstandings that could potentially endanger the project, but also protects you from having any work done that you do not want.


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