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Marble and Granite countertops are two beautiful additions to any high end kitchen.  However, due to their unique physical properties each is suited to different uses and requires different care.  
Marble with its unique random appearance and natural veins adds warmth and elegance to kitchens.  However, it is porous and easier to scratch than granite. Marble is also more susceptible to the acid found in 


Toilets account for roughly thirty percent of indoor water use in homes. In the past, toilet tanks had capacities of up to twenty litres.  In the nineties,  these large tanks were replaced in many cases by newly available thirteen litre or water saver toilets.  Today, with engineering advances, the six litre toilet has proven itself to work better than many of its thirteen litre counterparts.

Furnace Maintenance

The quality of the air we breathe influences our general health and well-being.  Dust and other airborne particles can cause a variety of ailments ranging from simple allergic reactions to more complicated respiratory diseases.

August 2018 Market Report


Light Bulbs

There are two price tags associated with the purchase of every light bulb: the first being the price paid in the store and the second is the cost of the energy that your new bulb will consume.  Compact fluorescent light bulbs use 75% less energy than incandescent bulbs.  Changing five standard light bulbs over to Compact fluorescent lamps would save you thirty dollars every year.  

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